Sunday, July 26, 2015

Nostalgia Review:: Wizard at Large, by Terry Brooks

Title: Wizard at Large
Author: Terry Brooks
Series: Magic Kingdom of Landover, #3
Format: Mass Market Paperback
Rating: ★★☆☆☆

Still good?


So, here's the thing. These books are better than I'd expect them to be (considering the Shannara books) but really aren't great. And they keep declining in goodness. The first was better than the second was better than the third. Probably because the protag can't learn.

So, in the previous book, The Black Unicorn, we go over how important the amulet is, and how no one can take it from him. He has to give it away. But oh, wait. Guess what he does at the very beginning of this book? Yeah. He gives the amulet away. And then shenanigans follow.

Abernathy gets stuck in our world, which is funny because he's a dog and magic in the real world! It's one of those plots. A little girl tries to help him, who waffles between acting rather mature for her age and incredibly stupid for her age. Everyone else tries to get there to help Abernathy, but they have to hide from bigBadEvilWizard and Willow is getting sick and stands out.

It's honestly yawn-worthy and yet another idiot ball plot. So why does Ben Holiday give away the amulet?

He is told by the awfulButGoodWizard that with its help he can turn Abernathy back into a human.

Because no one can see something going wrong there.

Because nothing ever goes wrong when Quester tries to do magic.

Even simple magic.

Oh, and there's something about a wish-granting evil demon-thing in a bottle that is making bad stuff happen. Also yawn-worthy. And doesn't mesh well with the other plot.

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