Thursday, June 18, 2015

News and Stuff: The Good News/Bad News Game

So, let's start with the bad news:

Lately, my health has (once again) been getting the best of me. My pain has just been too great to read or do anything, really. Even when I can hold a book, I can't focus enough. I tried audiobooks a bit, but couldn't focus well enough for them, either. And anything to help alleviate that level of pain only makes my focus issues worse.

Combine that with someone very close and dear to me getting back from Hawaii and trying to get their things together and the house shifting because they are moving in with me and I'm just too exhausted to think.

Honestly, I think the (wonderful) trip I took to Texas really took a lot out of me too, especially as I had to survive on crutches for the most part, not my wheelchair. And crutches are really, really bad for me.

But, the good news!

One, my partner-person is back from Hawaii. Missed them a lot.

Two, I seem to be coming around the bend. So more reading soon!

Three, I'm doing the 48 Hour Book Challenge from Mother Reader! Sooooo... lots of posts, very, very soon!

And now I am clearly out of exclamation points.

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