Saturday, June 20, 2015

48HBC:: Another Book Down

i finally finished the eyre affair and it's now 8:30am. that means 12.5 hours today so far + 11 hours yesterday or 23.5 total.

at first i was really upset that it took me over 10 hours to read it. my speed was majorly slowed down by comprehension and difficulty retaining what i'd read. worse than yesterday. i found myself having to re-read most pages 2 or 3 times... and sometimes 4 or 5.

but the truth is... the 48hbc has taught me something invaluable.

normally when i'm in this state, fuzzy on pain meds, braces on almost every joint, and only one usable hand that still isn't entirely functional, i tell myself a story. i tell myself that i'm too braindead to read. so i watch mindless television, which makes me rather unhappy.

watching television (for the most part) makes me feel lazy. on the other hand, reading a book feels worthwhile.

chronic pain is tied heavily to mood. when you are feeling down, your pain gets worse, which means i tell myself the lie that i'm useless. it's such a vicious cycle.

but what i've learned today and yesterday is that story i tell myself, how i can't read? it's a lie. sure, reading is harder. i'd definitely not want to tackle seriously heavy books in this state. (i'm staring at you cryptonomicon.) but i can read. if i can push through for a readathon, i can do it again. i can stop lying to myself.

does that mean i'll opt for a book every time i'm in a state like this? probably not. but i'll know i can.

anyway, revelations aside, i really loved the eyre affair. (★★★★☆) while much of it was rather predictable, that didn't destroy its charm. i found the ending and denouement particularly simple and naïve, but the more i thought about it, the more i realized it had to be that way, to fit in the larger story.

i'd go into more detail, but i'll probably save that for the forthcoming full review because i can better deal with all the heavy spoilers needed to explain.

the only thing that made me regret reading it now was i felt like i could have been better prepared. there are a lot of lit references in it, and while my shakespeare and other english renaissance writers were up to snuff, i am ashamed that my dickens and brontë are woefully lacking.

up next? i figured i'd go a bit lighter to see if that helps. i've been working on my re-read of the stainless steel rat books and now it's time for... the stainless steel rat wants you!

in other news, this post took me over half an hour to write... it's less hunt and peck typing with only one useful hand and more just peck as i don't need to hunt. which is sooooo much slower than touch typing.

but hey... once again i've proven to myself that i can.

anyway, i'm now at 24 hours, counting this blogging time.

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