Monday, April 20, 2015

Review:: World War Z, by Max Brooks

Title: World War Z
Author: Max Brooks
Format: Hardcover
Rating: ★★☆☆☆

I can't put my finger on what exactly it was that made me so "meh" about this book. I don't hate zombies. It had well-developed characters. It felt well-researched. I think the biggest problem was that there was almost no tension: you know how it ends from the start.

I probably heavily enjoyed the first 20% or so. And then I started feeling bored. And then I kept being bored. The idea of doing an oral history for an event that never happened is really fascinating, and it feels like Max Brooks did a good job. There's only one problem.

It's really hard for me to care.

I have nothing really tying me to these events to dig through the drudgery of "the human element." Add on the fact that Max Brooks spells out this is a postwar document at the beginning of the book, and I'm starting to snooze.

There's just not enough excitement. Not enough questions. And even though we're looking at different people's stories and different perspectives, it all feels the same in the end. At least it could have been shorter?

While Robopocalypse was basically doing the same thing, at least it left you guessing what the exact nature of "the end" would be. In World War Z I kept telling msyelf "Yes, I know. I get it. We had to do terrible things. But there are good people. And we win. Are we done yet?"

At least now I know why the idea of making this book into an action movie is hilarious and sad.

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